We're actively working on enabling more support for teleporting with The MetaPortal 3D NFT. Today we offer MetaPortal holders interactive teleporting functionality via the following platforms:

  • Decentraland - See this guide for using your MetaPortal in Decentraland. Please note you must hold land to use your MetaPortal in Decentraland.

  • Cryptovoxels - See this guide for using your MetaPortal in Cryptovoxels.

Support for more platforms is in the works.

You don't need Metaverse land in order to access the unique experiences offered for MetaPortal holders. You can navigate to https://metaportal.metamundo.co/teleport and connect your wallet holding The MetaPortal 3D NFT to authenticate ownership. If you haven't yet redeemed your MetaPortal mintpass for The MetaPortal 3D NFT please do this first.

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